The National Trust Partners Forest 2017

The National Trust Partners Forest 2017
25 May 2017


The wonderful National Trust are partnering with the Forest of Imagination this year. Together we share the understanding of the profound importance of enjoying wild spaces; we know the positive effect being outdoors can have on our personal well being, to be surrounded by nature and space, to protect our environment and teach ourselves and our children about the landscape that surrounds us and how essential it is to protect for a healthy planet.

Founded in 1895, the National Trust, is a national charity, which cherishes and preserves open spaces, coastlines, forests, woods, fens, beaches, farmland, moorland, islands, archaeological remains, nature reserves, villages, historic houses, gardens, mills and even, pubs!

Not only is the National Trust Sky Line hosting the Forest of Imagination this year, they will also be bringing their own unique home to Forest: their legendary Purple Shepherd’s Hut.

In pursuit of the Forest of Imagination 2017 theme of: ‘where we feel at home’, the National trust team have decided to literally put your coffee table and sofa in the middle of a field, to bring: the indoors – outdoors.

The Sky Line Team will create and build a traditional sitting room, with sofas made from hay bales, (made from hay produced in their hay meadows) into the meadowland of Bushey Norwood, to sit alongside their Shepherd’s Hut.

Their unique wild sitting room will provide some relaxing space for visitors to Forest and it will also host a number of wildlife inspired crafts for children and adults to get involved with.

The idea of ‘home’ will be explored in a number of ways mixing up representations of our human, urban homes with the natural habitat/homes of the flora and fauna that live on Bushey Norwood. Planet Earth is our wider home and through the imagination of the international artist, Tomas Saraceno, we will also be exploring the importance of our planet atmosphere.

For Forest of Imagination 2017 the intention is to create a trail of unique temporary installations and artworks linking the urban edge of the city of Bath with the prehistoric landscape of Bushey Norwood. Elements of the city will be placed in the countryside whilst aspects of nature are to be placed in the city, allowing the reinterpretation of the relationship of city with nature. At Bushey Norwood we will create a ‘thinking path’ through the landscape connecting a number of distinctive habitats and moments in the landscape. These include a prehistoric farmstead, heritage trees, a dell, a copse, open meadow, scrub and a green tunnel.

Each installation/artwork will be associated with one of these particular urban or natural habitats and linked by the trail through the landscape offering a multi-sensory and memorable experience. Visitor responses to this ‘thinking path’ will be explored and mapped and recorded as part of the Forest of Imagination event. The special nature of the site offers some spaces where specific timber installations, structures, shelters will be made to house artist workshops and making spaces. These will become temporary ‘Houses of Imagination’ within the landscape.

A number of artists and designers are commissioned to deliver the installations/artworks including international, national and local artists alongside local designers and craftspeople, schoolchildren and volunteers. Some projects will be designed and built by Architecture and Engineering students from University of Bath, as well as Art and Design students from Bath Spa University School of Art and Design.

Do make sure you are part of this years Forest of Imagination, 30th June – 2nd July, this event is free and we invite everyone to come and play. #PlayfulBath


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