Spaces for Liberated Learning

Spaces for Liberated Learning
27 Jun 2021

Wednesday 30 June, 6-7pm (online)

Join us to talk about the spaces in our lives where creative learning can flourish, hosted by CCI and Forest of Imagination.

Where does creative learning flourish? Forest of Imagination has worked with arts and well-being charity Cambridge Curiosity and Imagination for many years celebrating how creative learning with children can happen everywhere in our cities – from grand museums to the cracks between pavements, from city parks to scruffy hedgerows, from recycling centres to cramped classrooms. Together we want to map all the spaces in our lives for what we are calling ’spaces for liberated learning’ and share these with policy makers to continue to campaign for children’s and communities’ creative rights.

We invite you to share stories – as a parent, educator, artist, environmentalist, playful rebel, human – of where you have experienced creative learning on your own, with your families, in your home, while at work or in your community. Join our online workshop to share your experiences and help us create a visible network.

Please download and print this sheet in advance if you can. Bring it plus scissors and a pen to the session. The image will be shared at the session too for those without access to a printer.

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