Forest Eyes App – AR transforms Bath Abbey

Forest Eyes App – AR transforms Bath Abbey
26 May 2016

Exploding into the Forest of Imagination this year is Augmented Reality (AR) a new technology which is taking the world by storm and will transform the city streets and Bath Abbey right before your eyes.

The Forest Eyes App will allow you to transform and re-design urban landscapes using your phone. A series of hidden forests and portals can be discovered using the App, which will create an alternative virtual world right on your doorstep.

Bath based augmented reality agency, Media Grand, have developed the free Forest Eyes App.

Paul Grand, founder and director at Media Grand: “We will be sparking imagination. When people use the ‘Design an Urban Forest’ feature they will discover how to apply design to an ordinary building and I hope this will create a wave of new AR designers – the technology is fantastic and I want people who see it for the first time to have a magical and positive experience”.

“It’s all about viewing digital media in a new fashion, I want to bring people to Bath who really want to experience and try AR for the first time out in the world.”

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The Forest of Imagination will transport the people of Bath on an immersive journey to both imagined and real forests, including the fragile forest ecosystem of Madagascar.

The Forest Eyes App consists of three elements: ‘Abbey Eyes’ which will show Bath’s iconic Abbey overgrown with vast vanilla orchid vines, exotic flowers and large butterflies will appear to flutter among the vines.

‘Forest Portals’ invites intrepid visitors to discover new worlds. You will be able to find doors and portals which will transport you global forests which are under threat including the Coral Reef Forest, Kelp Forest, Madagascan Spiny Forest and an Enchanted Forest.

Finally, the ‘Urban Forest’ will allow everyone to become an architect and landscape designer by redesigning Bath with images of plants and wildlife. Designs can be geocoded for others to find, like and share.

In addition to the app, smart device users can also scan QR codes on three giant inflatable, ‘Guardian of the Forest’ baobab trees, positioned just outside the abbey, for information about the unique tree species found only in Madagascar.

The Forest Eyes App, will be available at the App Store from the 1st June, is free to download and will unveil an alternative universe in the Forest only discoverable via the App.

So ensure you set off on immersive quests of discovery, locating world forests, urban re-design art and of course Bath Abbey’s AR transformation…

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