Everyone is an Artist

Jessica Palmer


The most significant thing about finding the artist in everyone is the revelation of your medium. It could be making wire animals, or tape images of street markings or drawing a self-portrait with a soft pencil. I grew my confidence via cutting and sticking! To begin to give voice, space and validity to your inner artist is the first brave step.

Ben See

Singer, Composer

I’m a singer and composer, and so are you. I believe that all of us can sing and create. No two voices sound the same and all of us learn to express ourselves differently. If you think you can’t sing, maybe that’s because your music hasn’t been written yet. Maybe now is the time to make it?

Andrew Amondson

Artist, Filmmaker, Tree-climber

Art holds a mirror up to nature and this climate emergency demands that we we all take a good long look at ourselves. If we are to overcome it, we will have to change hearts and minds... and art has the ability to do that.

Dr Penny Hay

Artist, Researcher, Educator

Forest of Imagination invites everyone to have a conversation about their imagination and creativity and how we connect to nature.

Perry Harris

Artist, Caretaker

Inspiration to create is everywhere, you just have to look.

Liz Elders

Companion in Learning

Being playful together with big ideas is transformational.

Andrew Grant

Landscape Architect

As a landscape architect I have to imagine living landscapes as vibrant artworks that change over time.  

Esmeralda Conde Ruiz


Use what you have to inspire you. It can be you, people around you or nature but the simpler the better!

Clare Day


Art is what happens when we play; with materials, with ideas, with others. Playfulness does not mean that it is not at times serious, it is a way of taking something of our innermost selves and making it into something that can be shared with another. It can exist without being shared; it can be purely for oneself.

Hannah Newton


Connecting, reading and hearing words conjures diverse, fascinating worlds. Uncovering stories and personal narratives reveals a richer, wiser and original part of our humanity and this fastens us together through deeper understanding and inspiration.

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Everyone is an Artist