Creative Companies take root in the Forest

Creative Companies take root in the Forest
12 May 2016

So you think you run a creative business? How would you like to put your creativity to the test and build us a beautiful tree?

Your tree will stand proud and creative nutrient rich alongside trees made by local school children and local artists.

It would be really wonderful to see local businesses, getting behind the Forest – restoring creativity to the heart of their thinking and getting their creative hats out to imagine and build a wonderful tree, which will help us bring the creative ecology of the city firmly to life.

On the opening night of Forest of Imagination Friday 3rd June at 6pm bring your tree down to Kingsmead Parade so that we can put it inside our incredible Urban Forest.

Here is the brief: your tree can be imagined in any size (within reason!), form, colour and recyclable material (but if large and 3-D, it must be a self-supporting and safe structure).

Good Luck!


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