Collaboration = Creativity

Collaboration = Creativity
26 Jun 2017

A forest is one of the best classrooms. Children, playing outdoors, learn through first-hand experiences and in cooperation with others. They play with ideas, thoughts and materials in a safe environment.

To help the Forest of Imagination to create these outdoor classrooms and workshop spaces we supported a range of collaborations, partnerships and teamwork between disciplines and industries to support and offer new perspective in the building and creation of our temporary workshops/structures/resting spots/installations in Bushey Norwood.

This year, students from the Department of Architecture & Civil Engineering at the University of Bath worked alongside architects from Bath-based, architectural and urban design practice, FCB Studios, engineering consultants and specialists, Buro Happold and Bath University Teaching Fellow, Toby Lewis BSC MA RIBA to create installations.

The brief was to create a series of unique, bespoke installations, Houses of Imagination, and build them in Bushey Norwood to be used as workshop spaces for all of the unique artists of Forest of Imagination.

The Run structure was named after the Ranunculus, the species that the buttercup belongs to, and it takes its form from the natural and implied datum that surround Bushy Norwood.

It takes theses implied planes and plays with them, accentuates them and creates new planes that alter the viewer’s perspective. Its purpose is to provide rest, direct towards the other installations, however it will also act as a destination itself for activities and workshops.

Discover what The Run will be used for this weekend at Forest of Imagination.

This year’s Forest of Imagination will connect people to nature in a variety of wild and imaginative ways. Forest is open from June 30th until July 2nd from 10am to 6pm every day. Forest of Imagination is free to all.

For directions to Forest check here.

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