Forest of Imagination Invites Every School and Family to Create and Make!

We have put together a feast of Forest creative ideas and inspiration, to share with teachers, carers and students. Designed in collaboration with Forest Artists in celebration of 10.10.20 TEDx Bath, TED Countdown and The Big Green Draw.

This invitation to schools includes seven unique lines of creative enquiry, initial preparation for teachers and suggestions about what the imaginative co-enquiry process with your students may involve. Please share this free creative tool with colleagues, parents and carers!

View the invitation PDF.




The Big Draw - a climate of change

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We are all Artists
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We are all Artists

Everyone is an Artist says Dr Penny Hay I am an artist, educator and researcher and on a daily basis aim to make creativity visible in experimental sites for learning in our House of Imagination. During lockdown we have been working with the Forest of Imagination and The Big Draw teams to co-design VirtualForest 2020. Being actively creative has become a lifeline – together we have...

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Creative Activities & Ideas for the summer
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Creative Activities & Ideas for the summer

As the summer holidays unfold, we have asked the artists we work with and other independent collaborators to share their ideas for creative activities. Please see the list below and get involved. We would love to see your work and ideas as well. Do share your work with us on our social media accounts on Twitter, Instagram & Facebook. Creative Writing Ideas Events of Wonder...

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0 / forestimaginatn / Aug 03, 2020
Imagination is a Unique Human Capacity
A Climate of Change

Imagination is a Unique Human Capacity

“Our imagination is the unique human capacity to bring into our minds things that aren’t present. We daydream; imagination is everywhere; it invites potential and possibility. Children’s imaginations are powerful, they inhabit their imagination; exploring their ideas, feelings, senses, the light and the dark, always learning. Imagination has the power to release us from boundaries encountered in the adult world.” Co-Founder of Forest of Imagination...

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0 / forestimaginatn / Aug 01, 2020

Drawing changes lives